; Plisherrific: Velvet Mocha - [Emily de Molly LE82]

Jun 21, 2018

Velvet Mocha - [Emily de Molly LE82]

I have a beautiful thermal polish to share today.

[Emily de Molly LE82]
This is Emily de Molly's LE82 which is a thermal colour changing nail polish. You can see that LE82 is bright pink when warm, and a rich maroon-brown when cold. It has gold holo glitter through it, and dries matte. For reasons unknown, my pinky finger was colder than all my other fingers, so it didn't show the colour change as much in this photo, haha.

[Emily de Molly LE82 against its bottle]
I actually did not realize LE82 was a thermal polish at first and thought that EV had given me an interesting maroon-brown nail polish, based on what I had in the bottle. So I had a surprise when it started changing colour on my nails!

[Emily de Molly LE82]
Here's a funny inverse situation. I was washing my hands in cold water so my nails turned brown. I then breathed on the tips and with the application of my warm breath, the tips turned bright pink. Ah, colour changing nail polishes are so fun. Of course, this didn't last long because I eventually warmed up enough that the brown turned pink again.

I will say though that it's not very quick to change colour. It's odd, but it's winter now and my other thermal colour changing polishes tend to work really well in this weather because I tend to run hot, while the tips of my nails remain cold. But LE82 actually remained pink for the most part, until it was unusually cold. So, that's a little unusual. But LE82 applies smoothly and is a lovely colour in any case. I don't have anything like it in my collection.


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