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Feb 15, 2018

Purple Sun - Color Combos CMT307

As mentioned in the previous post by EV, the lunar new year begins this week! I'm currently on vacation and don't have access to my usual stash of nail polishes and tools so there's no themed manicure from me this week.

I did manage to lay my greedy hands on a new nail polish.

[Color Combos CMT307]
This is Color Combos' CMT307, a mid purple-gray nail polish with an abundance of gold flecks. The gold flecks are much more visible in person than in the photos. You can see a bit better that it's gold in the second photo.

[Color Combos CMT307]
CMT307 applies smoothly and achieves full opacity in about 3 coats. It is dense with gold flecks too and looks really pretty. But the downside is it does have a little bit of a strong smell. But I'm glad I've something pretty to wear right now in any case!


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