; Plisherrific: Royal Jewels - Emily de Molly Quest for Immortality

Oct 5, 2017

Royal Jewels - Emily de Molly Quest for Immortality

I felt like stocking up on purple nail polishes again, so I decided to give in!

[Royal Jewels]
This is Emily de Molly's Quest For Immortality, a gorgeous purple nail polish with a brighter blue to purple colour-shift and a scattering of red-leaning holo microglitter. Look how pretty it is!

[Bottle to nail: Emily de Molly Quest for Immortality]
The nail polish is opaque in two coats. Its holo is scattered but they catch the light brilliantly.

[Emily de Molly Quest for Immortality] 
You can see it clearer in the last photo that Quest for Immortality has this beautiful blue to purple colour shift too.

What can I say except that I love the colour, and that I've got an even bigger hankering to get more purple polishes again!


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