; Plisherrific: Panning for Gold - Sally Hansen Golden Rust

Sep 5, 2016

Panning for Gold - Sally Hansen Golden Rust

A nice no-frills manicure today - by which I mean that I only used a single polish! As you can see, it's still heavy on the sparkle.. just the way I like it!

[Bottle to nail: Sally Hansen Golden Rust (2 coats)]
This polish is Sally Hansen Golden Rust from the Complete Salon Manicure range. It is a coppery-bronze jelly base packed with different sizes of gold hex glitter.

[2 coats: Sally Hansen Golden Rust]
I was a bit hesitant at first, but it just looked so good in the bottle! I'm pleased to say that it was quite easy to work with and I just ended up using two coats to get the look above. Dry time was also pretty good and the glitters lay nice and flat. You do get a bit of a textured feel, but nothing some generous topcoat won't fix.

[2 coats: Sally Hansen Golden Rust]
I have to say, this is an absolute winner in terms of jelly consistency. Opaque enough that two coats gives you decent coverage, and translucent enough that the first layer of glitter gets that beautiful muted depth that's ideal in a jelly sandwich.

[2 coats: Sally Hansen Golden Rust]
These photos are a bit dark but I wanted to show what a nice pop of brightness the gold glitter makes against the jelly base. Quite a few people told me they liked it, which is great because most non nail-people I know tend to stick to safe creme shades. Yesss, I'll convert y'all to glitter yet!


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