; Plisherrific: Space Blues - Dance Legend Andromeda

Jul 21, 2016

Space Blues - Dance Legend Andromeda

Take a look at this duochrome flakie combination in Dance Legend's Andromeda, from their Bow - Out of Space collection!

[Dance Legend Andromeda]
Before I talk about the nail polish, let me gush about the bottle, which I forgot to do when I was reviewing Dance Legend's Mutation. I really love this rectangular boxy shaped bottle. It's easy to open which maybe it's just me and my weak small fingers, but I often struggle with newly delivered nail polish bottles. It's especially annoying when I have just put on a base coat and it's still tacky, so I'm struggling to open the next nail polish bottle while holding my fingers at odd angles so as not to damage my base coat. But with this rectangular shaped bottles, it's so much easier to grip. And it does help that design looks swanky of course. :P

Now about the contents of this bottle...

[Dance Legend Andromeda]
Well, what isn't there to love about this? It's a duochrome base, with a colour shift from blue to purple, and it has blue-green flakies.  Application is smooth and the nail polish is not streaky. The flakie to polish ratio is really good, no need to fish in the bottle for them. The colour shift is really good too and it's pretty visible on the nails. Combined with the bottle, I'm really loving this Bow collections from Dance Legend.


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