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Jul 14, 2016

Mossy Mountains - Dance Legend Mutation

Today, I have a surprise colour changing nail polish! Surprise because I got this as a gift from Ev, and I'm sure she told me it was one of those thermal nail polish that changes colour depending on the temperature, but I had forgotten that aspect completely!

[Dance Legend Mutation]
This is Dance Legend's Mutation from their Bow - Conversion collection. Mutation is a light dusty teal when warm and a dark teal when very cold. The nail polish dries matte and rather quickly.

I was fairly impressed that despite the fact that my nails weren't that long, the gradient look was still present all the time. My nails are unfortunately too short for there to be a more dramatic colour change, but I did manage to get a much better colour change photo (outside, where it's colder) at a later stage which I'll be posting tomorrow.

[Dance Legend Mutation]
I was actually looking for a dark green/teal nail polish when I chose this bottle to use on my nails and to be my bewilderment, the nail polish dried to a dusty light green, quite different to what was in the bottle! Then it struck me when the tips of my nails turned a darker green that I had on a thermal polish! Rather silly of me...

I have quite a number of colour change nail polishes but this one goes easily to the top of the list. It's easy to apply and a lovely colour change too.


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