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Jun 9, 2016

You got to mauve it, mauve it - Essie It's Genius

What we've got here is Essie's It's Genius! I was going to use this as a base for stamping but then I got busy and no stamping happened. Oops... It's Genius will have to feature on its own!

[Essie It's Genius]
I got Essie's It's Genius in a big purple box full of goodies from Ev! <3  Okay, these are gifts for my birthday back in March, but I haven't posted photos (I don't think I have, but don't tell me if I'm wrong, leave me to my delusions!) so here they are:

[Box of goodies!]
I'm convinced that this deserves to be on our nail blog because it features so many nail goodies. So exciting! There's classic chrome polishes, oldies but goodies, textured polishes, temperature changing polishes (I love those), pretties from Dance Legend who always get it right! Then there's gorgeous stamping plates and decals and vinyls. Obviously there's non-nail related items too, like scented candles and melts and a wax melt warmer (because Ev is evil and trying to lure me to the dark side). There's lippies and more lippies (I love lippies) and hair treatment (that I'm loving) and it all comes in a purple box! \o/

This is a birthday box that I'm still dipping into 4 months after I got it. :D

Okay, okay... Now back to the original intended topic...

[Essie It's Genius]
So, It's Genius is a beautiful deep mauve shimmer nail polish. It applies smoothly, easily, and it's opaque in two coats. I really like the colour but I'm sad to report that the beautiful golden shimmer you can see in the bottle in the first photo only shows up as a bare hint of gold when the polish is on the nails. I was hoping to get more of that antique gold shimmer that we can see in the bottle! Alas... Oh well, at least it's still a pretty shade!


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