; Plisherrific: Perfect Potion - Ulta3 Spring Break

Aug 17, 2015

Perfect Potion - Ulta3 Spring Break

As I've mentioned, I've been super busy so here's a super short, simple post!

[Bottle to nail: Ulta3 Spring Break (2 coats)]
This one's Ulta3 Spring Break, a pretty much perfect purple creme.

[2 coats: Ulta3 Spring Break]
I picked it up when I went on a creme polish collection kick a few months ago. Good formula opaque in two coats, easy to deal with.

[2 coats: Ulta3 Spring Break]
I'm not sure why it looks a bit patchy in my photos but rest assured it looked fine in person! Geez, just looking at this pics makes me itch to stamp over it!


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