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Aug 27, 2015

Sweet Sprinkles - No. 8405

It's been pretty busy around here so let me keep this sweet and short. This was a surprise find for me! I picked up this nail polish when I was in Malaysia earlier this year, at a random market stall that sold a few different nail polishes from China. I quite like it!

[No. 8405]
As I was about to post this, I realized that a picture of the bottle was necessary because this seems like a brandless, nameless nail polish. 

[No. 8405 in bottle]
Meet No. 8405. Sounds like a prison number. The bottle cap looks like it could be an old lipstick.

[No. 8405]
No. 8405 is a pinkish-champagne-ish foil, with blue and pink hex glitter and small white hex glitter. It's almost completely opaque in three coats, with the faintest visible nail line. It doesn't have a strong smell and the consistency is pretty good. A great payload of glitter too!

So that's it. Random purchase No. 8405 was a success!


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