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Apr 20, 2015

Juicy Fruit - Milani Cherry Pie

A simple post this week! Sometimes all the fancy finishes gets a bit too much, and I just feel like reaching for a basic creme polish. Nice, fuss-free, glossy shine is all I want...

[Bottle to nail: Milani Cherry Pie (1 coat)]
...and that's what I got with Milani Cherry Pie, a polish I've had for a while but never had occasion to do a full mani with before! Cherry Pie is a rich pinked red, just deep enough to class it up, but with enough pink to be fun.

[1 coat: Milani Cherry Pie]
Formula was excellent, as expected. These photos are one coat, without topcoat! Super glossy! I did end up putting a layer of topcoat on, but more for wear rather than shine. Dry time was decent as well. These photos are a bit warmer and brighter than it actually looks - the photo in the bottle is the most accurate.

[1 coat: Milani Cherry Pie]
I do feel the urge to do some stamping all over that lovely glossy canvas though, so who knows what this'll look like in a day or two! =p


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