; Plisherrific: Dusk Tones - Essence Into The Dark

May 12, 2014

Dusk Tones - Essence Into The Dark

A short while ago, I posted a denim-inspired cling-wrap mani. One of the polishes I used was Essence Into the Dark, from the Vampire's Love collection. I thought that I'd post it on its own today just because it's anything but plain just by itself!

[Bottle to nail: Essence Into The Dark (1 coat)]
Into The Dark is a dusty navy blue creme with lots of fine silver flecks throughout. If you have short nails like I did here, it's perfectly opaque in one coat.

[1 coat: Essence Into The Dark]

The formula is slightly on the thick side, as cremes tend to, but in no way gluggy. It evens out really well. Definitely one of my favourite no-fuss polishes to use.

[1 coat: Essence Into The Dark]
Less diffuse lighting to show the silver flecks. On the nail, the blue is definitely not that bright, more of a muted deep gray-blue. Understated, but different!


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