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Apr 7, 2014

Mink Sparkle - Nubar Jewel

Here's a polish I picked up a long time ago but for some reason didn't get around to using till last week!

[Bottle to nail: Nubar Jewel (2 coats)]
This is Nubar Jewel from the Prism collection way back in 2010, I think it was. Jewel is a grey-ish brown shimmer base generously filled with medium-sized holo glitter.

[2 coats: Nubar Jewel]
The glitter is very slightly muted by the base but is still extremely blingy in the right lighting. This one is two coats but may possibly need three for longer nails. Topcoat is a must! This dries a bit bumpy due to the larger particle size of the holo glitter. The glitter does spread across the nail really nice and evenly though!

[2 coats: Nubar Jewel]
The base shimmer actually has a slight pink-brown shift, but it doesn't appear obviously in my photos, unfortunately. All in all, another somewhat worksafe holo option!

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