; Plisherrific: Dust Motes - Jade Fascinio Violeta

Apr 28, 2014

Dust Motes - Jade Fascinio Violeta

A lovely jelly holo polish for today - this is Jade Fascinio Violeta.

[Bottle to nail: Jade Fascinio Violeta (2 coats)]
Jade Fascinio Violeta looks like a slightly dusty purple due to the jelly finish and holographic particles. The flame is linear but with small-to-medium size particles.

[2 coats: Jade Fascinio Violeta]
I thought it would need a couple of coats for opacity but these pics are all two coats. The squishy finish looks awesome! It applies very evenly and dries to a very smooth surface. You could skip the topcoat if you wanted!

[2 coats: Jade Fascinio Violeta]
Indoors, the holo is more muted but under bright light or sunlight, the holo flame is super obvious. Overall, I really like the finish and formula of Jade holographics!


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