; Plisherrific: Sky Sparks - LA Splash Sparkling Stratosphere

May 21, 2012

Sky Sparks - LA Splash Sparkling Stratosphere

Just a simple one today! A lot of my favourite glitter polishes come from LA Splash - they really make some awesome combinations. =) This one here is Sparkling Stratosphere, a mix of blue and silver glitter.

[Bottle to nail: LA Splash Sparkling Stratosphere]
The formula is slightly thick but not particularly difficult to work with. The glitter is super dense as is usual for LA Splash glitter polishes.

[LA Splash: Sparkling Stratosphere]
They do tend to be topcoat-eaters so a nice thick topcoat is best to avoid a gritty finish. They're all wonderfully sparkly though~

[Direct sunlight: LA Splash Sparkling Stratosphere]
And here's a mobile phone photo to show the shine in direct sunlight. Yay, sparkles! =)


  1. OMG this is stunning! I think blue glitter polishes are my favourite :)

    1. I reckon the silver really adds to the blinginess of the blue! A great glitter combination!