; Plisherrific: Spring Shoots - Essie Garden Variety

Oct 8, 2018

Spring Shoots - Essie Garden Variety

Today I am showing off one of many gifts I received from Jme for my birthday this year!

[Bottle to nail: Essie Garden Variety (2 coats)]
This is Essie Garden Variety from the Spring 2015 Flowerista collection, a teal-green creme polish.

[2 coats: Essie Garden Variety]
I love bluey-green shades and this one is no exception! I think if I were to describe the shade, this leans a liiiitttle more towards the green side.

[2 coats: Essie Garden Variety]
It also helps that this one is a lovely squishy glossy formula with nice opacity. I still used two coats for these to deepen the colour a bit more. It dries fairly quickly as well, so basically I had zero issues with this! Love it!


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