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Apr 20, 2018

Midnight Rainbow - Holographic powder

More mysterious holographic powders that I got from EV! She actually sent me a bunch of photos of what they should look like on the nails but it was hard to guess what powder I was using based on the photos so I pretty much picked at random.

Anyway, this one was a much more successful experimentation!

[Holographic powder]
The result is this gorgeous deep purple-orange chrome with intense linear holographic microglitter.

If you look carefully at the edges of my nails, you can see that I used a white base coat. On top of the white base coat, I used Emily de Molly's Special Effects Base Coat before applying a lot of the powder! Then I sealed it all with Born Pretty's Mirror nail polish top coat. No UV polish or light necessary.

So, using the white base coat served two purposes. One, so that you cannot see my nail line. Two, so I can see if I'm applying enough coverage for a powder with a dark base. When I tried a light base powder against white nail polish, I definitely didn't apply enough of the powder so the effect was fairly muted. A dark powder shows up much more clearly against a white base.

That said, a dark base powder against white nail polish definitely has difficulties where the white shows up starkly in places and you need a lot of the powder for full opacity. I'll try for middle ground next time.

[Holographic powder]
In these two photos above, you can see the purple sheen in the first and the orange sheen in the second. This was a very pretty mani!


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