; Plisherrific: Blushing Pink - Born Pretty Shallow Love (G008)

Mar 8, 2018

Blushing Pink - Born Pretty Shallow Love (G008)

This is Born Pretty's Shallow Love or G008, and it's a nail polish that does a lot. It's a peel-off thermal sunlight-sensitive colour changing nail polish. What a mouthful!

[Born Pretty Shallow Love]
Here, you can see the thermal colour changing part of the nail polish under indirect sunlight. The nail polish is a pink-lavender where it's warm and a dusty rose at the tips where it's cool. I'm pretty impressed at the nail polish's sensitivity to temperature because it's still summer here, and I've seen many thermal nail polishes that show no colour difference on my tips when it's that warm in summer. And my nails aren't very long either, so I wasn't expecting to see much difference in colours so I was pleasantly surprised here.

[Born Pretty Shallow Love]
And here's the nail polish under direct sunlight! A completely different colour in a fuchsia shade. There's supposed to be a different thermal colour for where it's cool under UV light but all that is showing up is the warm + UV shade, which makes sense because my nails felt pretty warm under direct sunlight, haha.

I also did try the third element of the nail polish which is the peel off aspect. The nail polish peels off easily too. As someone who does tend to chip my own nails and then peel the whole lot off eventually regardless of whether it's a peel-off nail polish or not, I think I have quite a lot of experience in this. :P  I can confirm it peels pretty great and more than that, I'm impressed that it did last me a few days while also being easy to peel when I chose to peel it, unlike my other peel off nail polish that started peeling itself within a day.

Okay, about the nail polish: The brush is very thick, I have never used such a big brush before. You only need one swipe of the brush to cover your entire nail. You have to be sure to get rid of as much of the excess nail polish as you can because the nail polish kind of just clings to the thick brush. It isn't gloopy or thick, there's just a lot of it on the brush. Apply each coat as thinly as possible and let the coat dry before applying the next coat. I think that's the best way to get a smooth application.

I'm pretty impressed by how much is going on in this nail polish!

If you're interested in this nail polish, you can get Shallow Love from Born Pretty and use our code above for discounts on non-sale items!


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