; Plisherrific: Holo Couture - Holographic Lace Transfer Foil

Jul 17, 2017

Holo Couture - Holographic Lace Transfer Foil

Ahhh, that feeling when you think you better edit up some photos quick smart for posting, then you realise that "Ooooh, waitaminute, here's some that I prepared earlier!!" =)

[Holo lace]
This is usually in conjunction with the feeling of "I sure hope I haven't posted this before yet..."

[Foil to nail: Holographic Lace Transfer Foil]
Anyway! Here's another transfer foil manicure - this one is unnamed but it's basically a black lacey pattern over a silver holo background. It's an opaque foil so basically, it doesn't have any transparent bits to show off your base shade (if you choose to use one).

[Holographic Lace Transfer Foil]
I used a basic silver shade as my base in case there were any gaps in the transfer, but I think with how busy the design is, it wouldn't be very obvious anyway.

[Holographic Lace Transfer Foil]
There's quite a bit of what looks like tip wear, but it's really just the topcoat shrinking the foil I think. I think I may have used Picture Polish Revolution for this one, but I can't be too sure. At this point, I didn't yet have the Born Pretty No Smudge Topcoat that I reviewed last week. The holo goodness is definitely still there though!

In the end, this mani didn't last more than a couple of days, but transfer foils never really do on me!


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