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Sep 7, 2017

Winter Wine - Dance Legend Hex

What we've got here is Dance Legend's Hex, a nail polish that looks interesting the moment it's applied and is still work appropriate! I believe this was a present from Ev which I'm just putting on now, but thanks, Ev!

[Winter Wine]
Hex from Dance Legend's Bow Conversion collection is a temperature colour changing nail polish. It's dusty red when it's warm and a very dark red when it's cold, with a smattering of holo microglitter. The nail polish dries semi-matte.

[Dance Legend Hex]
As you can see, Hex is a solid dark red in its cool bottle. I also quite like Dance Legend's rectangular bottles, which I believe I have gone on and on over it before. :P

[Dance Legend Hex]
The last photo is slightly blurry just to capture the holo microglitter. Honestly, the microglitter is too sparse to be very noticeable in person but what I really like about Hex, and all of Dance Legend's colour changing nail polishes, is that they are really sensitive to temperature changes. I don't have to do that whole washing my nails with cold water just to see the colour change. The tips and the rest of the nails are always different colours in autumn/winter and so they always make for such striking manis.


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