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Feb 20, 2017

Mermaid Steps - Australis Seafoam

Quick post quick post! I have done soooo much overtime over the last fortnight, which was probably good timing as I then received about 4 bills in the post all at once, hahahaaaa....

[Bottle to nail: Australis Seafoam (2 coats)]
Anyway, that's why it's a quick post today! This is Australis Seafoam, a really nice bright pastel mint green shade. I uhmmed and ahhed over getting it because I have a lot of aqua/teal/mint but this is just such a good basic shade that I couldn't pass it over.

[2 coats: Australis Seafoam]
This is two coats. It looks somewhat streaky at one coat but is easy enough to even out with two. Note that my nails are pretty short at this stage so if you had longer nails, you may need three coats.

[2 coats: Australis Seafoam]
A really nice gloss finish, but I put on a thin layer of topcoat as usual! Don't worry - I have a more interesting post next week (and hopefully more time to spend writing it!)...!!


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