; Plisherrific: Rainbow Swirl - Water Marbling Decal

Oct 14, 2016

Rainbow Swirl - Water Marbling Decal

Water marbling! Fake water marbling, haha...

[Water Marble Decals]
These are water marbling decals that EV gave me for my birthday. I'm not sure where they're from exactly, but I'm guessing they're available from many online stores so keep a look out. They're rather pretty and eye-catching, hey?

I used a white base on my nails before applying the water decal over it. What you see on my ring finger is the water decal placed wrong side up. Water decals kind of have two sides. After you soak the piece of paper with the pattern on it in water, you slide off the pattern from paper and place it on your nail. The wrong side is usually paler and in this case, slightly pixelated. I thought it was interesting to turn it over for the accent nail, giving it a faded look.

All in all, it looks more like streaks of dye in water rather than the popular water marbling effect, but it's also still very pretty and so much easier and faster to apply, haha. I like it!


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